1995.09  ESSAY
Close-up of Japan Sao Paulo, catalog Where are the Roots of the Japanese?

The catalog of Close-up of Japan Sao Paulo
Text by Shinnoske Sugisaki

The Japanese do not often hear the word "Japan" or see the Japanese flag.Probably, the Japanese in their daily lives are not very much aware of Japan and their Japanese citizenship.The Japan written l anguage is expressed by using the Chinese Kanji,ideograms assigned Japanese phonetical Hiragana.Perhaps this is the Japanese way to adopt other cultures and incorporate them to form inside their own.In this separation and creation of independence within a contrastingly mixed culture, the Japanese are a subjective group, unaware unaware of the nature of individuality or power of their influence. So then, where are the roots of the Japanese? With the advancement of information technology there may be those who become aware of their region or their city, but still there are those who do not see any values in the awareness of their boundaries. The Japanese may be able to be seen distinctly, when they learn to physically feel a Japanese awareness.

Reprinted from the catalog of Close-up of Japan Sao Paulo, Museu de Arte de Saulo. 1995