2008.01  ARTICLE
New Graphic Magazine 14, Japanase Grahinc Designer Shinnoske Sugisaki

What's your design philosophy?

I usually define design is as information construction in order to create impressions.
It is more important, I think, structure in design than surface of it. Also it can say that it's more important design process than completed finished design.

My everyday check lists in design is as follows:
whether "there is the future" "is essential" "is concise".
- is essential  .......Does its design have essential expression ability?
- is concise  .......Does its design have simple structure in itself?
- is future  .......Is there new trial? Is this design going forward?
In other word, what design is can be said that designing design process itself.

Waht inspires you?

Everything being here, space around here, what I see, what I hear.
Everything all my experiences, knowledge, ideas I've ever got into my inside.
Objective sights and findings given from others in dialogues.
These days I need not much informations from materials and samples such a trade magazine and so on.
This is good thing but bad thing I got older(laugh

What's your dream project?

I'd like to say every everyday work should be a dream for me.
I see every design is exiting thing same as dreams I dream every night.

Could you give some advice to young Chinese graphic designers?

I believe that design is not to generate something from empty but finding something from everything.
So, you need to read many books, to think about many things, to solve many problems.
It is related to know what you are in the future that to know history.
For as a specialist, it is very essential that to get typography skills. Both your language and language world wide.

Comparing to designers in Tokyo,what's Osaka designers advantage and disadvantage? or what's Osaka designers characteristic?

Good question. I've asked about it many times. I'm not conscious of living in Osaka.
Because what important is not where you design but who you design for.
But, in fact, I'm using Osaka dialect in my mind and brain not Tokyo standard language.
The language which I using is very very advantageous for design for its quick and intuitional form.

As I know that you have been working in graphic design field for over 30years, I'm wondering that what support you to continue to expore design.

Right, before long, it'll be 30 years. When I find what I've never known, I finda next unknown things. Such a series.

What's your biggest achievement in design so far?

For resent project, a brand update for the printing company. My exhibition will be held in Hamburg and a publication for selected work around the end of this year.

If you weren't a graphic designer, what would you be?

Maybe, living in a mountain, sometimes playing my guitar, a slow life people. I've been here opposite side from that.