Shinnoske Inc. is an award winning Osaka, Japan based graphic and creative design studio founded in 1986 by Shinnoske Sugisaki. Our focus is on presenting corporate and cultural information in its most effective and usable form.

We believe that good design equals good communication and view graphic design as information architecture: researching, planning and creating. Shinnoske Sugisaki is a member of many international design organizations and actively involved in experimental design studies and design education.

Shinnoske Inc. was established in 1983 and incorporated as Shinnoske Inc. in 1986 by Shinnoske Sugisaki, graphic designer.
Located in central Osaka.
Office: 6th floor, 2-1-8, Tsuriganecho, Chuoku Osaka 540-0035, Japan.
Capital: 5,000 thousands yen.
Representative director: Shinnoske Sugisaki